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Que Pasa

How are you doing?

This is going to be a relatively light event week but there are still plenty of great networking events to attend.

Our ride-sharing partner, SideCar, is excited to provide a limited time exclusive offer to the BostonTweetUp community. See sidebar for more info.

Meet Andrew, Sidecar Boston Community Manager, who has an Exclusive BostonTweetUp Deal for you! (Click on the video below It’s only 16 secs and get an instant credit!)


Download sidecar app here

Try it out this weekend and Sidecar will be matching 100% of the driver donations and contributing them to the One Fund (

See you at one of the many events this week, if not, have a great week and get out there and make those connections!

We welcome our new clients and partners and thanks to everyone that has been sharing our new offerings ie Social Media Productivity Training and Coaching* both Corporate and Personal, Half Day (4 hrs) or Full Day (6-8 hrs) as well as Specialized Custom Social Media Optimization Training and Coaching for advanced organizations. Contact us for more details.

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