BostonTweetUp Weekly : Last Full Week Until…



Que Pasa

How was your weekend?

It’s the last full non-holiday week so make sure to connect before the holidays!

Announcements :

  1. Event Organizers: Free Webinar Learn the 5 Social Marketing Secrets To Selling Out Your Events Register here.
  2. If you are looking for a digital dashboard to monitor all your event and marketing statistics you should give CYFE a try. Use this link and get a 20% discount!
  3. If you are an event organizer and you are looking for an event space I want to recommend Breather a new local event space company. Go to to unlock our exclusive deal!

As usual if you don’t see an event you like, I recommend visiting our calendar for a more complete listing of events.

Do you have something you would like to share with the greater Boston networking community or is there anything you would like to see or any service you would like us to provide, simply respond to this email and let us know.

P.S. The most common question we hear is what event would we recommend, so this year our goal is to start customizing this newsletter so update your subscription preferences so that we can begin customizing the events you see in this newsletter.

Have a great week.


Joselin Mane

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